Client List

Client List

With over 40 years in the business, Belloy Geosteering has worked for 1000’s of companies from the smallest to the largest. The following list represents most of the operators we have worked for in the last 5 years.

Advantage Oil And Gas

Angle Energy Inc.

Apache Canada Ltd.

Apl Oil & Gas (1998) Ltd.

Arc Resources Ltd

Arcan Resources Ltd

.AROWAY Energy Inc.

Artek Exploration

Athabasca Oil Corp.

Baccalieu Energy Ltd.

Barlon Engineering


Baytex Energy Ltd.


Birchill Energy

Bisset Resource

Black Swan

Blackshale Resources Inc.

Blackshire Energy Inc.

Bonavista Petroleum

Bonterra Energy Corp.

Brion Energy Corporation

Canera Energy Corp.

Celtic Exploration Inc.


Chevron Canada

Chinook Energy


Codeco Oilsands Engineering

Compton Petroleum Corp

Connacher Oil And Gas.

Connaught Energy Ltd.


Corex Resources

Crescent Point

Crew Energy Inc.

Dee Three

Devon Canada

Diaz Resources Ltd.

Direct Energy

Edge Resources

Elswick Energy Ltd.


Enerplus Resources Fund

Eog Resources Canada

Exall Energy Corp.

Glencoe Resources Ltd.

Groundforce Geodrilling Solutions

Harvest Energy Trust

Hunt Oil Company

Huron Energy Corp.


Hyperion Exploration Corp.

Japan Canada Oil Sands


Kallisto Energy

Kingsmere Resources Ltd.

Koch Exploration


Legacy Oil And Gas Inc.

Lightstream Resources Ltd.

Madalena Ventures Inc.

Mancal Energy Inc. Marathon

Marquee Energy Ltd

Morumbi Capital Inc

Mosaic Energy Ltd.

Murphy Oil Company Ltd.

Nal Resources

Nexen Canada Ltd.

Norwest Corporation

Novus Energy

Nuvista Energy Ltd

Osum Oilsands Corp

Pajak Engineering

Paramount Resources

Pengrowth Energy Trust

Penn West

Pennant Energy Ltd.

Petrobakken Energy Ltd

Petrosands Resources

Petrospirit Resources

Peyto Exploration

Progress Energy Resources

Questerre Energy

Ramdar Resource Management

Ravenwood Energy Inc.

Regent Resources

Relentless Resources Ltd.

Riley Resources Ltd.

Rmp Energy

Rocky River Petroleum

Rustum 98 Petroleum

Seven Generations


Sierra Geothermal

Skana Exploration Ltd.

Sonoma Resources Ltd.

Southern Pacific Res.

Spartan Exploration Ltd.

Sphere Energy Corp.

Spyglass Resources Corp.

Standard Exploration

Standard Resources Inc.

Stoker Resources Ltd.

Strategic Oil & Gas Ltd.

Stx Energy

Suncor Energy Inc.

Sure Energy Inc.

Talisman Energy Inc.

Teague Exploration Inc.

Terra Energy

Terrex Energy Inc.

Torquay Oil Corporation

Tournament Exploration

Tower Ridge Resources

Triaxon Oil Corp.

Trilogy Energy Trust

Trioil Resourses Ltd

Tundra Oil & Gas Limited

Tuscany Energy Ltd.

Twin Butte Energy Ltd

Value Creation Inc. Velvet Energy Ltd.

Veredus Resources

Westfire Energy Ltd.

Wild Stream Exploration

Wrangler West Energy

Yangarra Resources Inc.

Zargon Oil & Gas Ltd.