Remote And Onsite Geosteering​

Remote And Onsite Geosteering

With multi-well and multi-rig projects Belloy Geosteering have experience using the latest geosteering software and can assist in determining the most appropriate software for the job. The right wellsite geology software in the hands of an area experienced wellsite geologist greatly benefits the end results and objectives of the project. Rogii StarSteer, SES, Smart4D, Transform, etc.

Onsite Geosteering

At Belloy Geosteering, we promote true value, having an active role in the geological steering of directional and horizontal wells. This has been a fact for many years and all of our top associates have solid experience in supervising the  geological and directional aspects of deviated and horizontal wells. It is imperative to use all data available (regional setting, stratigraphy, samples, ROP, Gas, GR, offsetting well info, petrophysical and petrological information) in conjunction with the proposed directional plan to adjust on the fly for the best possible placement and resulting production. It has been proven that placement in the best rock consistently impacts production numbers with positive results.

Remote Geosteering

Since 2006 Belloy Geosteering have been involved in 24/7 real-time remote geosteering and supervision of hundreds of horizontal wells. In
certain applications, remote geosteering has been proven to reduce drilling time, cut drilling costs, eliminate sidetracks and decrease
wellbore length out of pay zone, and therefore maximize total hydrocarbon recovery.

Using real-time MWD data and the latest software technology our geologists monitor and make real-time decisions to effectively steer the
bit for optimal wellbore placement.

In-Office GeoManagement

The main goals are to provide in-office operational assistance to the geology department, act as the liaison between geology and drilling and provide geosteering supervision to the geological and/or directional teams in the field. The service is built for multi-well / multi-Rig coverage but can be applied to drilling program.

  • Belloy Geosteering utilizes an advanced software provided by DrillingInfo called Transform.
  • Belloy Geosteering provides the client with up to the minute, active displays (surface, 3D and cross sectional) to assist in the steering, placement and evaluation of multiple well bores.

With the ability to incorporate all available drilling, geological, structural and petrophysical data into an active comprehensive display, trained Belloy Geosteering associates assist the drilling and geological departments with the best possible well placement. The Transform software provides:

  • Database platform providing a useful storage and quick access to your well data.
  • Satellite based surface display of well locations and lateral paths.
  • 3D well bore display for all wells drilled within a specific work area including vertical offset control wells.
  • Accurate, graphical 3D display of your actively drilling well with directional plot, ROP, GAS, GR, any drilling parameters (torque, WOB, etc), and any petrophysical data.

  • With the ability to display all wells from an operators multi-well pads, value is added in assisting in project evaluation, future drilling program planning and for quick summary presentations.

  • Fully capable of 3D formation displays, structural data, seismic, production data, etc.  The true power of the Transform software is in the “Cross sectional View” module used to actively geosteer the build and horizontal by comparing the measured depth GR to offsetting wells with True Vertical Depth (TVD) GR. In the process, the program will graphically display the well bore trajectory, the tops above and below (if surfaces provided), and processes the information for accurate formation dip angle calculations.

Extremely Powerful Platform For Assisting In The Planning, Drilling And
Summary Of Your Projects

Belloy Geosteering with extensive wellsite experience can provide 24/7 office based coverage or remote home-based coverage on both long term or shorter project base programs.

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