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Whether it is vertical, directional or horizontal wells, with conventional, invert or underbalanced mud systems or exploration, coring, or development drilling, Belloy Petroleum Consulting is a leading provider of geological support to minimize geological risk.

Experience is Key

Building on our 35 years in the business and supervising more than 25,000 wells worldwide we have the experience and ability to manage a large variety of projects and scope. In addition, we have the flexibility and adaptability to react to project changes and challenges due to our number of associates and wealth of experience.  Prior to the start of drilling our geologists conduct a prognosis check to ensure all formation tops appear reasonable in combination with the surrounding structure.  Having experienced wellsite geologists supervising the drilling ensures the maximum exposure in the best possible rock. In turn this hopefully boosts production and saves drilling time by increased ROP and reducing sidetracks.

Hands On Approach

Wellsite geologists act as your “eyes and ears” with open 24/7 communication, between directional team and drilling department to ensure everyone is on the same page and fully informed.  Open endless communication, constant supervision, and good planning are all imperative for minimizing geologic risk by utilizing experienced wellsite geologists.

Belloy Petroleum Consulting provides professional geological wellsite services across Calgary for 35 years. Our trusted and experienced team makes safety the top priority.

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